Can You Use Deet on Horses to Avoid Flies?

Can You Use Deet on Horses to Avoid Flies?

At present, people are more concerned about their pets and they take care of them in a better way. Many people can stick in confusions how their pets get affected with health issue? In common people think that, if they give proper healthy food, shelter it is more enough for their pets to be healthy. But in reality, it is people responsibility to look after their pet animals and protect them by offering proper vaccination & medications. These types of vaccination and medications would get differed based on pet animals people have. Although, there are several vaccinations available some animals would have common medication were some not, one of such animal is horses. The horses are widely loved by people especially for their attitude and love attachment with their owner. The main plus point in the horse is their shiny hair and their eternal beauty that attracts humans to them.

On other hand, people can also see some horses appear with too many insect files in their body. In simple words the more number of insects and flies keeps on annoying the horses on continuation it may lead to itchiness. When horses have itchiness due to insects and flies some of them do raw scrub over the place but some horses cannot and keep on suffering. Many can think is there any ways to avoid these situations people would make use of fly repellent sprays. When it comes to horse protection people get confused whether they can make use of deet sprays or not?

What Is Deet Spray?

Can You Use Deet on Horses to Avoid Flies?

Deet is nothing but a chemical repellent with chemical formula of N, N- diethyl- meta- toluamide that resembles in yellowish liquid. Moreover this deet spray is quite different from other fly repellent sprays when this deet spray is sprayed it does not kill the bugs, flies, mosquitoes. Rather it just repels the mosquitoes, bugs, flea, ticks and insects bites your pet horses. In common the deet sprays are applied to your horses clothing or over skin it blocks the human sweating smell and their smell. On other hand these sprays would provide bad smell or odor on horses. This odor is not liked by insects and bugs thus all insects and bugs are not attracted towards the horses and leave them free from flies annoy.

Is It Safe to Use Deet Sprays on Horse?

Can You Use Deet on Horses to Avoid Flies?

When it comes to deet spray usage it make people to wonder with its working however while using deet sprays on horses as a fly repellent people would fear. It is mainly because deets spray is chemically treated one so some people would fear that it may cause some harm to the horses. But in real facts it is has been proved with people reviews that deet spray remains to be best fly spray for horse when they are used as per the directed way.

When people look on to the survey most of the wrong incidences is mainly due to the misusage of deet sprays. Moreover it has been proved that using deet sprays are environmentally safe and does not harm people, children or pregnant women when it is used in proper way. In order to avoid such effects here are some of tips to use deet sprays in right way are listed below.


  • In general deet sprays already has active ingredients combination so it is more than enough for people to use only 20 to 30 percentages of solution rather than using 100 percent of the spray.
  • While using deet spray on horses ensure that you do not apply then into their eyes or mouth or in their open skins as it starts to irritate and burn that would create other issues.
  • Moreover when you decide to use deet spry on horses it is better to spray on hands and rub over the horse skin. While doing so it is better to wear protective wears such as hand gloves and masks.

By following all above tips people can avoid misusage of deet sprays that can protect the horse from further issues. To the bottom of line it is also necessary to make horse isolated while applying deet sprays on horse.

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