Horse Barn Plans And Designs

Building a horse barn is a formidable task. It is costly, requiring vast amounts of materials and space, a great deal of planning, and many hours of strenuous work. Then there are the needs and well-being of the horses to consider. Fortunately, a good horse barn plan can be a wonderful help for those designing and building a horse barn of their own.
First, the horse owner must consider what specific horse barn design he or she wants before deciding on a horse barn plan.

The design will depend on things such as how many horses will be kept there and where on the owner’s property the barn will be. Of course, the horse barn design is also an aesthetic concern; it should look somewhat picturesque and complement the owner’s home and the rest of the land.
The design in the horse barn plan will determine the layout. The horse owner must be sure he or she will be pleased with the final locations and arrangements of things such as the hot water tank, the grooming area and the loft. The size and line-up of the horses’ stalls are also considerations. It may help the horse owner to make a rough sketch of the desired horse barn design beforehand.
A horse barn plan can be purchased from construction and design companies who specialize in barns, sheds and other private property buildings. Some of these include StableWise and Apple Valley, from which one can order a horse barn plan online. The more stalls present in the horse barn plan, the more it will cost, but most of them are under $100. The complexity of the horse barn plan design also factors in.
Because it will determine the foundation of the entire building, the horse barn floor plan is probably the most fundamental component to planning a horse barn. Here is where one would decide the measurements and layouts of the barn, the number of stalls and how they are arranged, and where important sections such as the storage area will be, relative to the stalls. All of this information is pertinent to the horse barn floor plan.
The horse barn plan must also address the question of the material out of which the barn will be built. Traditionally, horse barns have been built of wood, yet according to, horse barns built out of steel are being opted for by more horse owners. Steel horse barns are preferable because they cost as much as 40% less than wood versions, take less time to build, and require very little upkeep. They are also sturdier and would better protect the horses and keep out moisture.
BuildingsGuide has two steel horse barn kits available for purchase:  the “Arch Style” or the “Straight Wall.” These steel horse barn kits have no pre-set size; they can be sized according to the customer’s needs. A horse barn plan cost estimate calculator on the site will add the costs of everything for the specific design and size the customer has in mind.
The right horse barn plan, in which everything is exactly where the horse owner feels it should be, can make designing and building the horse barn a rewarding experience and ensure efficient and beautiful results. And a horse barn plan must serve the horses’ needs first and foremost; after all, the barn will be their home.

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