Horse Feed And Nutrition

By | June 20, 2007

Any horse owner knows that horse nutrition is a lot more than the stereotypical “oats and hay” diet. With inadequate nutrition, a horse can suffer from many various conditions like protein deficiency, energy deficiency, or mineral deficiency. As a horse is constantly replacing the cells in its large, hard-working body, it is crucial that it receives the proper nutrients and in the right amounts.
A horse’s nutritional needs vary throughout its life and depending on what kind of activity it normally does.

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The amount and type of horse feed needed depends on whether the horse is at rest, working, pregnant, lactating, or growing. A horse food must contain a balance of proteins, grain, hay, supplements, and water to insure optimal nutrition and health. For those raising and taking care of horses, it’s important to purchase the best and most appropriate horse feed.
Nutrena horse feeds have been endorsed by the American Quarterhorse Association. Featuring eleven different types of horse feed, Nutrena horse feed is specially formulated for the different activities and life stages of horses. Their Empower horse feed is for race and working horses, while Life Design and Vitality is for any horse. Vitality features their patented Smart Grain Technology, which utilizes the characteristics of different cereal grains to ensure optimal nutrition without nutritionally related problems. Life Design is a special line of horse feed that is catered to the different stages of a horse’s life, from foal to yearling to adult to senior. .
Nutrena’s SafeChoice brand of horse feed is a good all-purpose feed for horses of all ages and levels of activity. This formula provides a balanced level of nutrients while controlling for the problems of a high starch diet. They also sell equine supplements such as alfalfa, mineral grass, and the protein and mineral enhanced Milk Plus product. These products help by adding nutrients and minerals that may be lacking in a horse’s normal diet.
Purina horse feed is also made for all types and ages of horses. Constantly researching their feeds at their state-of-the-art research facility at LongView Animal Nutrition Center, Purina horse feed has over 50 patents. Their Ultium, Athlete, and Race Ready formulas are for the competitive or racing horse. These provide energy necessary for heavy activity through carbohydrates, protein, and fat, while delivering the fiber for proper digestion and health. Their Equine Adult Horse Feed is for horses in their middle years, while the Equine Junior is a specially formulated all-in-one diet for foals. The Omolene line of horse feeds are sweet feeds, designed to provide energy and stamina to horses living active lifestyles, such as pleasure and performance horses.
While selecting the best horse food can be difficult, these trusted horse feed companies have a vast selection to choose from. Their websites are relatively easy to use and feature a large assortment of resources and tools to help the consumer chose the best one. With feeds for working, racing, and pleasure horses, as well as special formulas for the stages of life, there is little more one could ask for from a feed provider.