What do Wild Hedgehogs Eat?

By | October 4, 2019

The hedgehog is a cute pet animal and you need to keep them safely in a cage. Being insectivores these hedgehogs need nutrients that may not be found in pet food items. So you need to take care of the hedgehog’s diet plan properly for their better living. In which you can feed cat food items to these hedgehogs but there are also quality of hedgehog food items are available in the market that provides you the ideal nutritional components for the hedgehog to eat.

Just by knowing what these hedgehogs eat, you should provide them food that makes them feel stronger and healthier. There are number of hedgehog food items are available in the market in which you need to choose the best hedgehog food for your small pet only then you can make your pet animal to stay healthier and stronger enough. So always ensure that you provide the recommended and healthy nutrient food items to your pet animal.

General Pet Hedgehog Food Guidelines

What do Wild Hedgehogs Eat?

The hedgehogs are considered either insectivores or omnivores depending on the source, it is referenced when you actually look into the diet of these hedgehogs you will see the description of omnivore is probably more accurate one. Comparing to the home hedgehogs the wild hedgehogs will eat variety of foods not just the insects. There are different species of hedgehogs are available in the wild, where these hogs slightly vary in its diet plan depending upon the on the parts of the world they are from but most of the hedgehogs are from the African pygmy. So by being hybrid the diet plan of these hedgehogs are not exactly same as like the wild hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs have the unique ability to digest chitin from insects where the chitin is found in the hard exoskeleton of the insects and it is primarily a protein content source but it also provides some kinds of fiber. In which the chitin is a necessary component to the hedgehogs diet but it is not the only component that the hedgehogs need or requires from the food, so various food items should be fed in addition to these insects. The following are some of the best hedgehog food items that you can provide to your hedgehogs. They are.


– freeze-dried or live mealworms are good source of the chitin for hedgehogs where the live worms will be providing a good source of the mental stimulation since they move around and make the hedgehog have to work little harder for catching the mealworms food.


– The live waxworms are rich in fat but lower in the chitin content compared to the mealworms so these should be served as the treat for the hedgehogs


– The dried fruits should be avoided but the small amount of fresh fruit can be offered to your pet animal such as like bananas, melons, berries and apples are popular choices of fruits among the hedgehogs.


– Also available freeze-dried or live the crickets provide chitin as well as the mental stimulation tour hedgehog’s pet animal. As with other kinds of insects the gut loading should be done prior to feeding the crickets to your pet animal that ensures they are very much loaded with the nutrition.

Cooked meat

– The cooked meat contains high protein and low fat canned cat or dog foods as well as the cooked chicken can be provided to your hedgehogs in small amount.


– Fresh green beans, cooked squash and fresh tomatoes are some of the options that your hedgehogs can enjoy while eating the starchy vegetables such as carrots, corn and potatoes and as well as the dried vegetables should be avoided.

Pinky mice

– If you are fed your hedgehogs eating a baby mouse then you can offer them a pre-killed pinky mouse as an occasional treat.

Cat kibble or Hedgehog

– This is found to be the bulky food of your hedgehog’s diet. A high quality hedgehog or cat kibble should contain at least 30% of protein and less than 20% fat content. The hedgehog pet animal food is an ideal diet when it meets these kinds of nutritional requirements but few formulated diets are available which does not includes the things like seeds and raisins which are not recommended in the hedgehog diet plan.

Cooked eggs

– An occasional bit of the scrambled or hard boiled eggs is found to be the nice food treat that holds the protein content for hedgehog.

How Much Amount of Food and When You Need to Feed Your Hedgehog

What do Wild Hedgehogs Eat?

Hedgehogs are prone to the obesity problem, so it is of utmost important to monitor how much of food you are providing to your hedgehog small pet animal. The cat kibble or hedgehog should make up the majority of the food item in the daily diet plan of your pet and even though the hedgehogs are very active at night and it burns out lot of energy so you need to control how much kibble your pet gets. Whether the hedgehogs are large and very active then it may need more food but your hedgehog’s weight should be monitored every time with the use of the baby scale. If there is a more than 10% weight gain then you should reduce the amount of food which you provide.

How Else You Can Help Your Hedgehogs?

What do Wild Hedgehogs Eat?

You can help your hedgehogs by creating your garden good-looking to their invertebrate prey just by adding the pond or allowing the area to turn into overgrown with the grass, compost or log pile heap will provide the habitat. The hedgehogs also require some cosy spaces for sleeping during on the winter season. The compost heaps, log piles and overgrown patches can all be used for resting the hedgehogs. Another best option is to build the hedgehog house so place the house in a quiet and shaded corner of your garden area to have the best chance of taking up the residence.