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What Should I Put in My Bearded Dragons Cage?

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Bearded dragons are one of the best rare pets you can have. They are not only an exotic and beautiful sight but also a great company to have beside you. However, unlike cats or dogs, bearded dragons need careful consideration and a lot of effort while preparing their habitat. They can’t just live in an empty box and stay healthy physically as well as mentally. You need to understand that living inside a human house is not anywhere similar to their natural habitat. Hence, we must replicate their habitat as much as possible for them to survive. Below are pointers that can help you understand the process of handling these beginner pets in a better way.

How to choose the right container?

What Should I Put in My Bearded Dragons Cage?

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right container for your pet bearded dragon. Some of the very common and reliable options are mentioned below:

Glass aquarium

Bearded dragons are commonly kept in a glass tank (or aquarium) which you can easily buy at any local pet store or glassware shop. There are various kinds of glass aquariums available in the market. Your preferences should towards the ones that are not too thick and are durable and lightweight. If the glass tank is too thick then it will be quite heavy as well. This means it would become quite tough to relocate it while cleaning or moving the location which is not good for the owner.

PVC cage

As you must be aware, PVC is a type of durable plasticware that is much more lightweight and durable. Due to their lightweight, there are easier to handle and move but the major problem with PVC cages is that they are on the expensive side. Well, it can’t be argued that these cages are not worth the cost they demand. Many users would agree that not only does it last long but also looks better than any other type of cage.

Melamine cages

Melamine is a type of wood that is covered with a laminate finish. These wooden boards are also commonly used to build cages for reptiles. They are easily available at any hardware as well as a pet store. Also, you can either assemble it yourself as you desire or get the pre-assembled ones at the per store. These cages are lighter than glass cages but not as light as PVC cages. Also, another problem with such cages is that it blocks the view for the reptile as it’s not transparent.

What elements should you put in the cage?

What Should I Put in My Bearded Dragons Cage?

Basking platform

Reptiles naturally like to climb on long horizontal structures and bask under sunlight. While in the indoor setting, you cannot provide sunlight to your bearded dragon, you can certainly install a basking light for the reptile. Along with the light you would need to install or add a basking platform such as a branch or plastic bridge or pedestal on which they can lie down and bask. This not only helps them to relax but also makes them feel comfortable in their new habitat.

Hiding place

Just like us, reptiles can get shy too and want to hide away in their own secret place. It’s always a good idea to add a little hide for your reptile. It could be anything from a small hut to a tiny cave-like structure made from big stones. IT basically should be the spot where your reptile can crawl to when it wants to bromate or needs extra warmth or even simply seclusion. A little privacy and freedom can make your little pet a lot happier.

Choose the theme for the artificial habitat

What Should I Put in My Bearded Dragons Cage?

Now that you are done with the important parts such as substrate, basking light, and platform, hide and feeding area. It is time to get fancy and liven up the place a little. Nobody wants to live in a boring whiteboard place where all you can see is a light, pedestal and few stones scattered around. Not only is that depressing for the pet but it is also unappealing to the owner. You need to choose a theme for the habitat so that you can decorate it accordingly. There are many ideas for this such as :

Jungle theme: To make the habitat look like a jungle, you can add artificial green leaves and branches here and there. Tiny trees and even some real fragrant flowering plants to give the place a more natural look.

Desert theme: It is not recommended to use fine sand inside the cage instead you can use rock structures with holes and tunnels. Some pebbles scattered here and there and maybe an oasis too. You can put some large rocks as well to give it a natural feel.

Add more elements

What Should I Put in My Bearded Dragons Cage?

After all the basics are done, it is time to customize the house of your little reptile. There many DIY ideas for this. For example, you build a little hammock out of plastic or jute sack material. You can also add real wooden branches from your garden with some actual leaves to make the floor of the cage softer. It is not recommended to use sand or soil or anything too fine because the reptiles can ingest their particle and get seriously sick. They cannot digest these particles thus it very dangerous for them. So, no matter what your customization ideas are, you should never add any fine substance or material that they can ingest or choke on.

Other than that, you can also make a mountain-like structure using stones, rocks, and pebbles. Reptiles love to climb and set in high grounds. This would a good opportunity to exercise your pet.

With these ideas and some more knowledge about your pet and its necessary habitat, you are ready to become a successful bearded dragon owner. Every reptile pet is different and their personality can’t always be generalized but following the general guidelines can be a good start for keeping them safe and healthy.

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